Congratulations to our Million Point Winners!

Hello members,

Between May and August, we invited our members around the world to participate in our exclusive sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 Million Points!

Thanks to everyone for joining in, and we’re happy to announce our 10 winners

Congratulations go out to:


We would also like to thank Batman25 for this wonderful feedback:

I would personally like to thank everyone at Toluna for allowing me to take some of the most amazing and stimulating surveys I ever had. Just checked my email this morning to see that I was one of the 10 users to win the [1] million points sweepstakes and was so surprised and happy. My birthday is coming up on the 25th and what an excellent b-day present…Really appreciate what everyone at Toluna had done and continue to do for each of you have created something unbelievably remarkable. Most survey sites I have experienced are just that, surveys and nothing else. Each Toluna visit in itself is a unique and different experience. Thank you for providing me with these wonderful experiences  : )

Feel free to stop by our winner’s pages to offer your congrats, and stay tuned for our next sweepstakes announcement coming soon!

See you soon,
The Toluna Team

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