Scary Toluna photo contest (October 17- 27)

Dear Members

As promised, the scary Toluna Contest starts today! The rules are simple.
To participate, simply:
– Create the scariest/funniest Toluna Halloween decorations you can (Your decoration needs to include the word T.O.L.U.N.A so we know it’s authentic)*
– Take a picture and post it on Toluna as a poll with 2 options**
1) Trick
2) Treat
– The Poll title has to begin with “Toluna Scary Photo…”
– All valid participation will receive 1,000 points and a Halloween Giftie!
– 2 members who receive the most “TREAT” votes will get 10,000 points each
– The 3rd winner will be chosen buy the Toluna Jury based on authenticity. This user will also receive 10,000 points

– You can participate between Monday October 17 and Thursday October 27
– The winners will be announced on Monday October 31st

*A photoshopped T.O.L.U.N.A in the picture will not be valid
**The optimized image size should be 300px X 360px for better visibility

Have a frightfully fun time creating Tolunians! WoOooOo!!!

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