Weekly Contest: If I could be famous for one day who would you be? 

Weekly Contest.png
Write a quality opinion/comment on this topic on Toluna’s site:http://tolu.na/l/q3NDr74Fp   and we will choose 5 random winners to win 1,000 points each!

Congratulations to winners of last week’s contest! 1,000 points have been given to you:)

Winners for Bahasa Melayu site:
1) jurizah
2) peterliau118@gmail.com
3) annheera09
4) Dzeell
5) aimanikmal094

Winners for English site:
1) carlthecutiepie
2) LeoIam78
3) atrista92
4) rhrhrhrh
5) stephylar

Rules: Each week, the Toluna Team will create a topic on Toluna Malaysia’s site regarding a specific theme, and ask members to provide their opinion. 5 winners will be selected from each Malay and English site to win 1,000 points each. Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible posts. Eligible posts must be in compliance with the Toluna Member Code of Conduct. Winners will be announced within 1 week from launch of Topic, and bonus points will be given directly.

**Only one comment per member is allowed.**


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