Weekly Lottery Winners – March Week 1

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the winners of our global Weekly Lottery, for the week of 26 February to 04 March. Please join us in congratulating the following winners, who have each won 100 EUR or equivalent to their corresponding local currencies or points!


myarkj238 Denmark
Stinktiärli Switzerland
madihaack Germany
miriamconrad Greece
hamonette Australia
carmen-20008 Canada
lyndseyxx United Kingdom
millieraptor New Zealand
sakbarb80 Saudi Arabia
Maylo20 Argentina
chanavmm Spain
Mackoky Peru
LioLev France
sofyan091016 Indonesia
MariaGrazia72 Italy
LasterBug Japan
swg1107 South Korea
loedpeve Belgium
peetjuh001 Netherlands
pensioner371 Russia
manyasli Turkey
milano198216 Morocco
yaca8490 United States
waris368 Pakistan
FerryCho Hong Kong

Congratulations to all winners!

To have a chance to win each week, you simply have to continue being active on Toluna. You can get entries from our Rewards Center and by participating in Surveys.

Read more about it HERE

Good luck for next week! Redeem your tickets now for a chance to be one of our next winner!



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