Back To School Caption Contest! 

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Good Morning Influencers!

Welcome to April! The first term school break has ended and it’s back to school again! This month, we are giving away 12,000 bonus points!

To stand a chance to win, simply do the following:

1) Caption the photo below. Your caption has to be related to “Back To School” We’d like to see funny and creative captions! You will get 300 bonus points for participating as well!

2) Complete as many surveys as you could in the month of April.

How are winners selected:

1) All participants must take part in this game and complete minimum 2 surveys to stand a chance to win 12,000 bonus points.

2) 5 participants who have completed the most surveys from 1st to 30th April and took part in this game will be INSTANT winners.

3) 10 Winners (who meet eligibility #1) will be selected randomly at the end of April.

Contest Prize:

1) All winners will receive 12,000 points each

2) We will announce the name of the winners on Toluna Community, Toluna Blog, Toluna Facebook Page and Toluna Magazine in May 2019.

We look forward to your participation.

Toluna Team

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