Spirit of Ramadan 


Hello Influencers!

Lets capture the spirit of Ramadan in May by taking part in our Ramadan Foods sponsored polls starting today and share photos of your favorite Ramadan foods from 6th May 2019 onward.

We will post more details of the photo sharing activity on 6th May 2019.

15 lucky winners who participate in these activities and complete at least 2 surveys in May will be awarded 12,000 points each.

Simply follow the rules below to stand a chance to win.

Part 1 ( May 2 – 31) : Sponsored polls related to Ramadan food. 

– Participate in all 4 of our sponsored polls that will be posted every week. First poll will be posted on 2nd May.

Part 2 ( May 6 – 31): Post Food Photo 

– Post a photo of your favorite Ramadan food along with 10 words describing it.


– Must complete at least 2 surveys, participate in all 4 sponsored polls and post a food photo to stand a chance to win.

– One post per member please. Members who post more than one content will be disqualified.

How are winners selected?

15 participants who have completed two surveys in May and participated in all the activities above will be selected randomly by Toluna team.

Contest Prize:

1) All winners will receive 12,000 points each

2) We will announce the name of the winners on Toluna Community, Toluna Blog, Toluna Facebook Page and Toluna Magazine in June 2019.

The first poll will be posted today at 3pm!

We look forward to your participation.

Toluna Team

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